CNC foam cutter is a 4-axis machine. It has two pairs of X-Y axis (total of four) that are fully independently controlled. Wire sprung between left and right axis pair is heated with electric current. Amount of heat is microprocessor-controlled.

Theoretical mechanical accuracy of the machine is 0.025mm (0.001).

In order to cut a shape (airfoil), left (root) and right (tip) section needs to be provided. This section can be identical for left and right pair of axis (for straight, parallel wing), or it can be different for each side (tapered wing).

Ability of the machine is not limited to the airfoil shape, virtually any shape can be cut. (See sample section.) Since the cutting tool is straight, it is impossible to cut a wing with curved leading or trailing edge (for instance elliptical wing such as Supermarine Spitfire). Good approximation can be achieved by splitting the wing in to several sections with different taper. Root of the wing can be finished with cut under certain angle, when joined together with opposing half wing this will create dihedral angle.