The comBAT fighter project for OREO club

This page will be updated periodically to describe the design and build of the combat plane project as it progresses.
The combat fighter project is being pursued jointly by several members of the OREO electric model flying club here in Ottawa.
The idea is to build one or more electrically powered models that are durable, inexpensive and easy to build.
Above all, the models have to be fun to fly both individually and in combat flying competitions!

Expanded Polypropylene foam (EPP) will be used as the primary building material for these models because it offers extreme durability, a high strength-to-weight ratio and the ability to withstand multiple impacts without significant damage.
Models will be sharing the same wing design, and will use a flat profile fuselage (1.5 inches thick) and common set of RC gear (servos, ESC, motor+prop and battery).

The shape of these models will be loosely based on WWII fighters and potential candidates include:

The wing

Material:1.8bs/ft3 white EPP
Wing span:1100mm (43.25")
Chord length:250mm (10")
Tip length:150mm (5.9")
Wing area:21.4dm2 (330in2)

The airfoil will be semi-symetrical.

With live hinge reinforced with tape.

The equipment

Preliminary equipment specification is as follows:


Similar to an E-Flite 480 brushless outrunner ie:
- 3s Li Po compatible
- Kv of approximately 910 RPM/Volt
- Continuous Current: 20A maximum
- Max Burst Current: 25A
- Weight: 3.1 oz


3S Li Po compatible 30A brushless with BEC


Similar to an E-flite S75 ie:
- Torque: 17.2 oz-in
- Speed: 12 sec/60
- Weight: 0.26 oz
(NB 4 servos will be needed for 4 channel control, ie 2 aileron servos will be used.)


- 3S Li Po
- 20 minutes maximum charge time
- 1600mAh to 1800mAh capacity