My CNC foam cutting machine is currently unavailable so I am not able to cut any parts.

Sorry for any inconvenience.


Welcome to my web pages. I am a mechanical engineer by trade and one of my hobbies is building radio controlled airplane models. Back in 2003, I built a 4-axis computer controlled foam cutting machine.
One may ask 'What is CNC foam cutter for?' That is a very good question.
Originally I built it to cut foam wing cores for my models but it has much broader use.

I can cut almost any shape out of foam on my CNC foam cutter or 2D shape out of balsa or plywood on the CNC router.
It can be a foam core (plain or with channels for spars), a hollow core (makes sense on larger wings to save weight), fuselge parts, prototype parts for wind turbine blades, custom crown mouldings, patterns for a lost foam casting method (also known as an investment casting). Your imagination is the limit.

If you have an idea that needs to be materialized, drop me an email and I will try to make it happen.

Check my sample projects for some parts that I made with my machines.


Foam cutting envelope:

X: 420mm (16.5) chord-wise
Y: 280mm (11.0) - thickness
Z: 1400mm (55.0) span-wise

Please refer to the image of the CNC cutter for axis orientation.
If your shape exceeds one of the above dimensions, it can be cut in several sections, I have done wings with chord length up to 660mm (26.0).

Balsa/plywood cutting envelope:

X: 250mm (10.0)
Y: 200mm (8.0)
up to 1/8" thick

Please see sample section for details.

If you have any questions, please contact me and I will be pleased to assist you.